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Feeling Lucky

Posted on 24 Mar 2019 @ 5:32am by Flight Officer John Mitchell

Mission: The Trial
Location: Aldebaran III / Seedy Dive Bar
Timeline: Current

SUMMARY : Mitchell runs into Eve and Tabitha in one of the seedier gin joints on the colony.


There were bigger dives on this part of Aldebaran III , with better music and cheaper booze. Some attracted starfleet officers, others enlisted, still others were just tourists from Earth and Vulcan or wherever. But this hole in the wall joint was just Lt. Mitchell's style. Nobody to know who he was, somewhere he could just blend in and get lost. He'd parted ways with Misty sometime yesterday or whenever he couldn't remember, and he definitely didn't want too anyways. Regardless his account was now filled with nearly thirty thousand credits, enough for him to get wasted and lost for a very long time.

He had just sat down and signaled to the bartender to bring him a drink when his attention was drawn to a dark skinned woman sitting a few seats down. No matter how crappy things got, there was always that, he grinned to himself.

" we're lost!" Tibby said through laughter.

"I'm not a Helmsman." James replied laughing too.

"I know...and you missed that class." Tabitha added in a peel of laughter that caused a couple nearby to look in their direction.
" 'Please' can we sit down? " she asked James " feet are aching."
She made her best try at looking pathetic which earned her a shake of his head in response but it wasn't meant and he looked around for somewhere likely, soon leading her by the hand towards a small bar with a couple of tables outside.
It didn't look too bad, was free of the trappings more popular touristy places had and more to the point it had a free table.

Mitchell heard the familiar voices of his lawyer and Commander Vale coming from behind him and let out a sigh. Last thing he needed was another lecture. He turned and saw them both through the open windows laughing all happily as they stared all googly eyed at each other at one of the outside tables. Glad that they hadn't noticed him yet he quickly turned back away and raised the collar on his black leather jacket and hunched over the bar. His hand reached forward and he grabbed his drink and swallowed his hole. He'd sneak out in a minute before they even knew he was here, he told himself.

"Awwww Honey? want to buy me a drink don't you?" a long legged extremely well endowed young woman asked as she snaked her hand up across his back to caress his ear with long talloned fingers.
Truth be told she had had her eye on him since he walked into the place but having espied his wallet, the attraction had grown significantly.
"Please?" she asked tilting her head to one side and swaying her body a little bit.

Mitchell shivered as her fingers touched his ear. He turned, looked the girl up and down and smiled, "What are you drinking?" he waved for her to take the seat next to his and watched as she did so. He looked over at the Bartender, "Another for me and whatever she's having." he breathed in, "So whats you're name?" he asked.

"Desiree." she purred in reply looking at him from the corner of her eyes beneath long dark lashes and giving him a smile which suggested that however good his day had been so far it was about to get a whole heap better.

James had left Tibby at the table and come in search of drinks for them both.
It was difficult to ignore the woman seated on the stool nearby given her close fitted dress which seemed to have little actual material and the way she leaned towards her companion running her hand, fingers spread wide, up and down over his leather jacket.
Her hair cascaded down her back caught up on one side by a blingy clasp but the overall sight caught his attention and held it for a moment but then...

Mitchell was clearly enjoying the attention. "Hhmm....Desiree." he whispered to her. "Don't you want to know my name is or does that even matter?" he giggled and placed her drink in her hand, "What should we drink too?" he said holding up his own glass.

"Mitchell?" James said certain now that it was he.

"Ohh..hello." Desiree said twisting on her stool to examine this newcomer whose attention though was squarely on her new friend.

"Awww shit," Mitchell said loudly as his gaze turned to meet Eve's. "How did you find me?' he asked now ignoring the woman between them.

"Chance?" James replied and vaguely pointed back towards Tabitha seated outside who was rubbing her aching foot. "" He looked at Desiree who clung to Mitchell's arm.

Mitchell grinned, "Yes we would love to join you, wouldn't we honey?' he looked at Desiree and stood up not waiting for her response. "Just order whatever you want and put it on my tab, its all on me." he winked at Eve and pulled Desiree with him towards the outside table that Tabitha was seated at. "Commander Vale," Mitchell said as they neared, "I would never have expected to see you at a place like this." he smiled at her and pulled out a chair, "This is my friend Desiree," he said with a grin and wink.

Tabitha had been slipping her foot back into its flipflop and looked up in surprise when Mitchell spoke to her. She looked from him to his friend and gave a small smile to encompass both.
"Lieutenant!" she said " This is a surprise. Hello." she added to Desiree.

"You're a Lieutenant!" Desiree said sounding impressed by this news and looking at Mitchell in something akin to awe. " You fly a starship? wowww."
She settled herself onto his knee all attention centred on him, ignoring Tabitha entirely.
Tabitha bit back amusement but James could see it when he walked towards them carrying two drinks. He gave a shrug and returned her smile.

Mitchell laughed, "Oh I fly more than that," He leaned back into his seat and pulled Desiree fuller into his lap. He looked at James as he sat down opposite them. "So I didn't know you two were doing the wild monkey dance together." he laughed and waved down a waitress and then ordered triple shots of Vodka for everyone.

"What else do you fly then Honey?" Desiree wanted to know leaning to him and looking as though she might begin to eat him any second.

James placed the drinks he had onto the table glancing at Tibby and sharing her interest in what 'Honey' might reply.

"Well lots of things," Mitchell wrapped his hand around her waist, "I'm the best fighter pilot in Starfleet for one." he grinned and looked at James. "And that guy there is Lt. James Eve, JAG Officer, he has been assigned to defend me in a case where I've been wrongly accused." he turned his head back to Desiree and leaned his face into her neck, "Can you imagine that?" he chuckled.

"A 'Fighter' Pilot!...Ive never met an actual 'fighter' pilot before." Things were definitely going Mitchells way.

Tabitha raised her eyebrows at the scene playing out in front of her. That Honey Mitchell now had a definite new best friend was more than plain to see.

James cleared his throat a little and took a drink from his glass as Tibby mouthed something to him which he didnt catch. She followed it up with a smile.

"Really?" Mitchell laughed, "And you see her," he pointed towards Tabitha, "That's Commander Vale, she's a counselor, and from what I've heard a real ball buster." He laughed some more just as the waitress returned with their drinks. "Alright," Mitchell said pointing around the table, "Shots for everyone, drink up." he held up his glass and looked to Eve and Tabitha in a toast, "To Celebrate the Fact, that we have seen the back of another black day," he said and downed the drink quickly before slamming the glass back down onto the table. "Keep em coming!" he shouted towards the waitress as she turned.

Desiree looked towards Tabitha apparently unsure what a Commanding Counselor might do. Tibby gave a shrug in much the way James had done. She lifted her small glass, recoiled at the aroma and looked to him to see what he'd do.
He was made of sterner stuff. Raising his glass at Mitchell he steeled himself then downed the liquid in one go a fact he regretted within three seconds but by also slamming the glass to the table top and pressing it down really hard for a few seconds, he was able to disguise what his body was experiencing...mostly.

Tabitha took a sip, screwed her eyes tight but found to her surprise that she quite liked the taste.

"So hows the case going?' Mitchell laughed pulling Desiree tight and running his hand further up her torso.

"We need to..have a talk." James said pausing when Desiree giggled loudly at Mitchell's attentions. " A few things to sort out?" he said.

"We do too don't we Honey?" Desiree asked meeting Mitchell's eye suggestively.

"Tomorrow morning would be good...aboard Tyr." James added.

Mitchell pulled his attention away from Desiree's luscious lips for a second, "Did you say aboard the Tyr?' he laughed again, "Yeah i don't think so, how about we do it down here." he turned back to Desiree and began kissing her neck.

"Lieutenant.." Tabitha said watching him then repeated herself a little more loudly when he made no reaction.

Mitchell turned away and met Vales eyes. "Yes Ma'am," he found himself saying out of habit more than anything. Just then the waitress returned with a new round of drinks. "Your turn," he said picking up his glass and looked at Eve expecting him to make the next toast.

"Lieutenant?" Tabitha said insistently once again and shook her head slowly when he looked at her.
James had taken the glass but glanced at Tibby then shifted his eyes to Mitchell.

"What?" Mitchell said and downed the Vodka Triple in one gulp, leaning back and breathing loudly with a groan. "That's good stuff," he coughed noticing that Desiree was the only other one to drink her shot. "Well go on then, drink up." he nodded and waved for the waitress to bring another round.

Tabitha raised her hand. "Not for us thank you." she said.

"Tomorrow morning...oh nine office....USS Tyr." James said staring straight at Mitchell.

"Be there please Lieutenant." Tabitha added quietly but looking at him with the same fixed gaze that James used.

"Why are you guys so serious all the time?" Mitchell waved away her statement. "We are here in this beautiful place and you want to talk work?" He shook his head.

"We need the ground work in place." James replied "...I expect the date for the trial anytime now so we need to be ready."
He asked himself why he he needed to explain something so basic and wondered, not for the first time, whether Mitchell's attitude would prove to be the stumbling block.

Tabitha said nothing but her expression of slight worry showed her thoughts were running along a similar track.

Mitchell looked at the two of them and their serious demeanor and laughed. "We need ground work in place," he did a bad imitation of Eve's voice then reached over and grabbed his drink. "You sir need to lighten up," he said and knocked back the vodka. "So how long have you two been, you know." he winked at Vale.

Tabitha looked at him almost warily then at James her expression as good as saying "You have a problem don't you."

"Perhaps you've had enough Vodka for tonight?" she suggested to Mitchell ignoring his question and suggestive wink.

"Perhaps you haven't had a enough." He answered right back as the waitress delivered a new round for everyone. He pulled Desiree further into his lap and kissed at her neck before reaching over for the glass, "Hey you guys want to go to the casino?" he looked from Vale then to Eve and dropped back the triple shot.

"At least we'll know where he 'is'." James suggested quietly.

"Well yes I suppose so...." Tabitha replied looking at the pair opposite her thinking that they may not last as far as the casino.

"Can always get him beamed up if needs be." she added glancing back to James with a questioning smile.

"Why not?" James replied to Mitchell." You''re feeling lucky?"

A big smile formed on Mitchell's face, "Always".


Flight Lieutenant James 'Maverick' Mtichell
Visek Nor

Lt. JG James Eve
JAG Officer
Visek Nor

Lt Commander Tabitha vale
Counselor / Second Officer
Visek Nor


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