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Mission: The Trial
Location: Hotel Grande Aldebaran III
Timeline: Current

Summary: Tabitha offers a solution.

What should have been a relaxed and pleasant evening had become stilted and to James it seemed obvious that Tabitha couldn’t wait for it to end.
She’d hardly touched her dessert but then neither had he for that matter and having pushed her dish to one side, at which point a waiter had appeared to remove it, she’d sat patiently until she and James were alone once again.

Her forearms rested on the table, her slim fingers were linked together. He thought she was beautiful.

“James” she said in her quiet voice using his given name and not the nickname she’d called him before.. “ I know you said that woman means nothing to you now but….. you mean something to her.”

“What?” he answered neither expecting the comment or the content of it.

“You mean something to her. " Tabitha repeated. "...quite alot I think.”
His puzzled expression came as no surprise.
“When she looked at you…….. and she was doing so for a moment before you looked at her… was as clear as a sunny day.” The fact was stated calmly as though it was more than reasonable to say so.

“I dont want to be the reason for splitting you two up..” she continued holding his gaze before twisting a knife.”If there’s something unresloved..its better if we call a halt.”

“No!” he said more forcefully than he’d intended.
“Look….I don’t know what you’re imagining…. what you think you see ….but there’s nothing ‘to’ break up.”
His mouth was dry and he forced himself to swallow.
“Her name is Alex and for a while I thought...we were...”
For a man of words he was suddenly inarticulate.
“She broke it off...very quickly and very finally. I hadn’t seen or spoken to her from that day to this so yes it was a shock to see her but she made her feelings felt back then and nothing has changed….nothing.”

Tabitha looked at her fingers considering what he’d said and comparing it to her interpretation of what she’d witnessed.
“This morning..when we were in the Dunes and you kissed me…”

“We kissed each other.” he said, interrupting her, looking at her down cast face intently.

“When we kissed each other….I wanted that and..... Im not sorry it happened.” She raised her head meeting his gaze directly.
“ I didnt expect though that a few hours later Id be discussing your ex girlfriend with you….but please try to see that I dont want to get involved..”

“Look...Tibbs…” he said covering her hands with his.
“I wish she had ‘never’ come here. I hope she soon leaves.You don’t need to worry about anything with her…..ok?”

He spoke with such sincerity she couldnt help but feel certain that he meant it so gave the faintest of smiles which brought a transformation to his concerned face. She got the full version of his open and friendly grin which generated a similar one from herself.

Squeezing her hand he felt a huge tide of relief surge over him having thought this whatever it might be was stalling before it had even taken off.

She watched him lower his head as she had done not long before and, had he but known it, melted a little when he looked up at her again.

“This whole thing has been messed up” he told her. “... first taking you to that beach?..oh I know it had an amusing side but I’d never have done that to you and now ….tonight? It’s not what I’d planned for our first day.”

His words weren’t lost on her because a first day implied there would be a second, a third and many more.

“Thats easily put straight.” she said twisting her hand so as to entwine her fingers with his,
“You know how to put it right dont you? ….. Begin again..ask me as you did before…. “Tibbs? Would you like to spend a day at the beach?” and I’ll say.... “Love to.”

He laughed at this breaking eye contact amused that she could so easily set right one of the worst scenarios he could have imagined.
He saw her gentle smile when her remet her eyes.

“Tibbs?” he said. “Would you like to spend a day at the beach?”

*** End Log ***

Lt Commander Tabitha Vale
Visek Nor


Lt jg James Eve
JAG Officer
Visek Nor


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