Lieutenant JG James Eve

Name James Edward Eve

Position JAG Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


  • 16 Mission Posts

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19 Apr 2019 @ 9:38pm

Character Information

Player James
Age 27
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual

Assignment Details

Service Information

Affiliation Federation Starfleet (FSF)
Serial # JA-220-081-920
Service Record March 2400... Accepted StarFleet ( Law Division)

April 2404... Graduates 1:1 Rank Ensign. Posted SB 15

June 2405... Transferred USS Minerva

August 2407 ... Transferred SB 612 Rank Lieutenant JG

August 2408...Transfer Visek Nor


Height 6' 1"
Weight 12st 8 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description James is tall and slim. Keeps fit but more by diet and exercise rather than working out in a Gym.
Dark brown hair kept short and neat. Brown eyes. Ready smile.


Personality Description James is friendly and approachable, easy to get along with. He has a good sense of humour but also a serious side too.
He's dedicated to his job which has a high priority for him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hard working, diligent, attentive, observant dependable, open-minded, patient, kind.

Dislikes arrogant, conceited persons.
Motivations James father is a partner in a Law Firm and whetted his sons interest in a Legal based career and understood James' wish to add more adventure than a city grounded practice offered so encouraged his son to join StarFleet.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking and outdoor interests.
He will never starve because he's a fairly good cook.


Partner(s) None
Child(ren) None
Parent(s) Father: Edward David Lucas Eve.

Mother: Judith Iris Eve. (nee Watson)
Sibling(s) Elder Brother: Nathaniel Edward Eve. (Nat)
Other Family Paternal grandparents. Maternal grandfather. Two sets aunts/uncles. Four cousins.


Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Place of Birth Earth, Australia.
Personal History James Edward Eve was born in Perth Western Australia on April 21st 2382. the younger son of Edward and Iris Eve.
He grew up mostly in the city but also on a family station.. Parattah.. kept more for nostalgia than as a source of living.
Early on he developed a love of a natural world and most things in it but his career was set from early teens with a growing interest in his fathers partnership in Dimmock Dade and Eve, a Law Practice.
James decided though that he might feel hemmed in to sit in the same place most of the time so looked to DStarFleet as a solution to answering his desire to travel and practice law at the same time.

He enjoyed his school life and likewise his later education.
Following his graduation, three short postings were followed by a permanent position on Visek Nor as a result of SFC making the decision to base a JAG presence in the Tau Lyrae system.