Lieutenant Commander Dutch Mogun

Name Dutch Mogun

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Age 33
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual

Assignment Details

Service Information

Affiliation Federation Starfleet (FSF)
Serial # NI-273-661
Service Record 2377 - Born Earth, North America

2395 - 2397- Starfleet Technical Services Academy- Graduated with the rank of Crewman Recruit

2397.03 - Assigned to Deep Space Station K-7 as an Analyst.

2498.05 - Promoted to Crewman Apprentice

2402.06 - Promoted to Crewman

2403.05 - Began Officer Training at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

2407.05 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.

2407.0515 - Assigned to Visek Nor Space Station as an Strategic Operations Officer

2407.05.25 - Appointed Acting Chief of Security on Visek Nor

2407.06.01 - Promoted to Acting Director of Strategic Operations

2407.12.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Director of Strategic Operations

2408.01.01 - Assigned Chief of Security


Height 6' 1"
Weight 176
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Dutch Mogun has a tall and slender, yet athletic build. His short, jet black hair contrasts his deep blue eyes and almost pale white skin. Due to both of his parents being dead and having no siblings, Dutch sees Starfleet as his family and feels that he belongs to it. Because of this he is rarely found out of uniform unless it is absolutely required.


Personality Description Dutch is a bit of an enigma. His the sort of person that you can never quite figure out what he is going to say or how he will react to something. He believes that in a combat or tactical situation, ordered chaos is superior to any well thought out plan. How can the enemy predict your movements if you yourself don't even know what you will do. He is also the type of man who believes that the ends justify the means and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

In personal situations he has very little self awareness. He means well, but often doesn't care or notice how he might come across to other people. Quiet, yet not shy. Can be obsessive when it comes to his work. His quarters and every one of his work environments is incredibly well organized. He has a specific place for everything and the placement of objects on his desk is memorized. He is also very proud of being in Starfleet and is never out of uniform, even when its not required.



Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Place of Birth Earth / North America / Nebraska
Personal History Dutch Mogun was born on stardate 237705.22 on the Planet Earth in the Nebraska area. His father, a Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marines was killed in a classified incident when he was an infant. Mogun was then raised by his single mother on a small farm where they lived happily for many years. The life was hard but it was the kind of work that Dutch enjoyed. He particularly liked raising the animals and eventually became attached to them. As he grew older he refused to slaughter the animals and as a result him and his mother became Vegetarians, which he is still to this day.

When Dutch was around 16 years old, he had expressed an interest in joining Starfleet. His mother was abhorrent to this idea and refused to allow it. Two years later his mother passed away of natural causes, and with nothing left keeping him on the farm he enlisted in Starfleet.

He enlisted at the age of 18 and was shipped off to the Mars Technical Services Academy where he learned to speak the Klingon Langauge and trained as an Intelligence Analyst. Upon graduation he was assigned to Deep Space Station K-7 along the Klingon Border as one of several Analysts. It was a long and repetitive job that Dutch was very good at. He particularly excelled at identifying actionable enemy intelligence regarding ship placements and his intelligence work was instrumental in several engagements with the Klingons. It was also a lot of administrative work such as processing security clearances and ensuring that the stations computer security systems were properly maintained. He also learned to think outside of the box and be creative in the way he dealt with puzzles and problems. After four years his ambitions grew and applied for acceptance into the Starfleet Officer Academy. His application was initially rejected, but a year later he resubmitted with a recommendation from his CO and this time he was accepted.

After nearly six years at Deep Space Station K7 without ever taking a single day of leave or any time off he finally returned back to Earth and began his four year term at the Academy. Dutch was an average student; he excelled in Tactical Planning, Information Operations, and received average grades in piloting. He however found the sciences and medical fields completely beyond his comprehension and more importantly, his interest. His instructors did however note that he was very good at solving puzzles, but remarked that he often chose to isolate himself and not participate in social gatherings with his fellow classmates. This personality flaw nearly caused him to be refused his commission, but he eventually faked being friendly enough that it was overlooked.

Upon graduation he was assigned to Visek Nor Space Station on the outskirts of the Betreka Nebula in the Tau Lyrae System. Upon arriving at the station he found that the crew were understaffed due to several transfers. Since he was the only officer on the station available with his experience and training he was put in temporary charge of the stations security department, which was soon rearranged and merged into the Strategic Operations Department. His position became permanent six months later after he took part in stopping an assassination attempt against a Klingon Delegation.

While at Visek Nor station he had a relationship with a Prison Transport shuttle pilot who landed at Heyerdahl under an emergency. It turned out later that she was the cause of her shuttles damage and had tried to cover it up resulting in the death of one of her prisoners. He turned the investigation information over to Starfleet and she was subsequently Court Martialed.

Later on Dutch successfully investigated and put a stop to a group of terrorists that had infiltrated the station with the intention of stopping peace talks between a pair of warring species. In the process the station was severely damaged and he helped lead the evacuation.


Medical History Broken right arm from an embarrassing farm accident when he was 8 years old.