Flight Officer John Mitchell

Name John Mitchell

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Flight Officer


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Character Information

Age 29
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Heterosexual

Assignment Details

Assignment Visek Nor Station
Division Interceptor Squadron
Station None Specified
Quarters Deck 8, Officers' Quarters
Authentication Mitchell-Five-One-Gamma-Red
Data Access Level Level 3: Limited access to all classified and secret Starfleet or Federation documents and records. Access is limited on a 'need to know' basis.
Security Clearance Code Beta-Two: Unlimited access to all ship's records, systems and computers. Limited access to command functions (except if stated otherwise by Commanding Officer).

Service Information

Affiliation Federation Starfleet (FSF)
Serial # FP-509-589-596
Call Sign Maverick
Service Record 2397.07 -- Accepted into Starfleet Academy Flight Operations : Third Academy Training Wing : RANK Cadet

2401 -- Graduates Starfleet Academy Flight Operations: Flight Officer

2401.06 -- Assigned to Carrier Fighter Squadron 3 (VF-3) / USS Goddard - Support Craft Pilot Trainee/ Mechanic

2403.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant. and Assigned as a Fighter/Ground Support Pilot

2406 -- Promoted to Flight Captain

2406 -- Transferred to Air Group 1047 / USS GALAHAD : Acting COMMANDER AIR GROUP (ACAG)

2406 - KIA // Due to a temporal anomaly an exact replica of Flight Captain James Mitchell appeared from an unknown explosion in the Arendis Asteroid Belt. This replica quickly succumbed to radiation poisoning and was dead in a matter of days. His twin was never informed of the incident.

2408 -- Demoted to Flight Lieutenant and Transferred to Visek Nor Starfighter Wing - Fighter Pilot

2408 -- Demoted to Flight Officer and Support Craft Co-Pilot


Height 72"
Weight 188
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Fit with a medium muscular build, Very Attractive, confident. Hair is always kept short. Never any facial hair.

Has a "Death From Above" tattoo on his right bicep.


Personality Description John Mitchell is a natural born leader but he is also arrogant and Stubborn. He does not care if he dies while on mission or when flying and will push himself and his ship to the utmost limits.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of the best pilots Starfleet has to offer. Very fit and attractive. Charming.

Is a complete failure when it comes to personal relationships because he is unable to open up or express his feelings.
Motivations Women and Flying.
Hobbies & Interests When he can get back to Earth John loves to Sky Dive, Rock Climb, Ski, Base Jump, Zero G HALO Drop, Race Fast Vehicles. Basically anything that a normal person would consider dangerous.


Partner(s) Single
Child(ren) None.
Parent(s) Peter Mitchell
Hugh Mitchell
Sibling(s) Unkown
Other Family Unkown


Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Place of Birth Unknown
Personal History Mitchell grew up with his adoptive parents aboard Trader’s Luck, a small trading ship that wandered the distant space lanes of Federation Space. His mom and dad were technically two men but he never knew anything different and he loved them all the same. The story they told him was that their ship came across a drifting cargo hauler and once they had boarded they discovered that everyone was dead except for Mitchell who wasn’t more than a few months old and was small enough to fit into a stasis pod used for long distance hauling of perishable goods, the pod saved his life.

Mitchell was taken in and and grew up on the Traders Luck which also served as a transport ship for travelers in need of a lift from one Station or Planet to another. So his formative years were spent around just about every alien species in the sector as well as a large assortment of people from all walks of life; Scoundrels, thieves, criminals, people down on their luck, people running from something, some people running to something. By the time he was in his mid teens not only could he speak half a dozen different languages but he was also the best poker player on the ship and the best pilot. His father Pete was the one who taught him to fly, taught him to feel the ship, taught him to use his instincts and he was also the one who convinced him to join Starfleet.

One of the hardest days of John Mitchell’s life was when his parents dropped him off at flight school. He didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the last time he ever saw his parents. A year later the Traders Luck was attacked and destroyed by a Klingon warship during the war.

Until this point in his life Mitchell had been a model student, afterwards his flying became much more 'by the seat of your pants'. His instructors saw real genius in his abilities, but also noted that he had a tendency to be reckless and dangerous. Which he proved several times during flight school, once by clipping a Vulcan Diplomats ship as he tried to perform a close level fly by over its bridge and subsequently crashing into the hangar bay upon landing.

Nonetheless, Starfleet was short on pilots during the Klingon War and he was graduated anyways. Mitchell really excelled during the war, his file has several commendations for bravery but it also has several citations for disorderly conduct as well as one for disobeying orders and going off mission when he ignored his primary orders and went off mission to save an ambushed Marine Recon Unit on Sinbad IV. His actions resulted in saving the lives of 14 Marines so he was never formally punished. He was also never formally recognized for his actions.

After the war, Mitchell was assigned to the USS Galahad where he continued his path of self destruction. Without an enemy to fight, he turned on himself and began drinking heavily which lead to a demotion in rank and an affair with a senior officer. He was shortly transferred to Visek Nor Station where it was assumed he wouldn't get into any more trouble.

Several months after his arrival he volunteered to assist the USS Georgetown in destroying a space creature before it threatened the station. During the mission his actions resulted in severe injury to two other pilots and he was summarily court martialed. After a lengthy process he was finally offered a plea deal which he accepted and was reduced in rank once again.


Conditions None
Medical History 2399 - AGE 22 - Broken collar bone, fractured Jaw, Broken Right Arm, 2nd Degree Burns on both hands, both arms, torso and thighs. - Malfunctioning fuel valve ignited after a hard crash during training at Flight School.

2400 - Age 23 - Broken Nose and Right Wrist - Altercation with civilians at a bar during weekend liberty.

2406 - Age 29 - Hypothermia and an Adverse reaction to a flower on Arendis Colony.