Lieutenant Patrick McEntire

Name Patrick James McEntire

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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01 Jun 2019 @ 7:19am

Character Information

Player [Garrity]
Age 27
Gender Male (Cisgender)
Species Human
Pronouns He, Him, His
Orientation Bisexual

Assignment Details

Service Information

Affiliation Federation Starfleet (FSF)
Serial # SR-310-489-426
Service Record May 2403 - Graduation from Starfleet Academy

May 2403 - First Assignment to USS Marshal, Eng Dept under Captain William Winters, Rank: Ensign

March, 2404 - Posted to USS Santa Ana, Eng. Dept under Captain Rafik , Rank: Lt JG

May, 2406 - Posted to USS Tempest, Eng. Dept. under Captain Muriel Salazar, Rank: Lt JG

November 2407 - Transferred to USS Galahad, Eng.Dept. Rank: Lt


Height 6'0"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Mac is a very fit young man with short, spiky blond hair and piercing hazel eyes.


Personality Description Mac is a very open, easy going and friendly person. He's a flirt by nature, a fact that has gotten him in trouble more than once. He is hard working and diligent, though he's not above flirting, teasing or wisecracking as he works. He makes friends easily and is fiercely loyal and a protective of those he considers a friend. When off duty he is frequently found in the company of other crewmen, male or female, and rarely sleeps in his own quarters.
Strengths & Weaknesses S- Mac is bright, athletic, intelligent, with strong skills in both engineering and science, and is fiercely loyal, willing to do whatever he must to take care of his friends.

W- Mac is flirtatious and can sometimes be distracted by others who return his interest. He's known to be a bit quick tempered, and he's willing to do whatever he believes he must to take care of his friends.
Motivations Mac is motivated by his belief in the Federation he grew up in and in patriotism. He's motivated by an almost overwhelming belief in the concept of God, Country, and family. He believes that those he serves with are his brother and sisters in arms, thus his responsibility to take care of, as he would his actual brothers and sisters. He's further motivated by his own curiosity and the need to see what comes next.
Hobbies & Interests Mac's primary hobbies and interests, outside of his work, include men, women, and the genderless but interesting. He loves all aspects of relationships, from the getting to know each other, holding hands, kissing, making out heavily and ... so on. He also enjoys repairing antique vehicles, especially those with combustion engines.


Partner(s) none
Child(ren) none that he knows of
Parent(s) Father James Matthew McEntire, age 48
Mother Analicia Michelle (Murphy) McEntire, age 46
Sibling(s) Brother(s)Paul Matthew McEntire, age 32
Christian Spencer McEntire, age 28
Sean Thomas McEntire, age 24
Seth Tyler McEntire, age 24
Michael Edward McEntire, age 20
Timothy Gavin McEntire, age 16
Steven Dean McEntire, age 14
Sister(s): Constance Michelle McEntire, age 28
Shelby Taylor McEntire, age 24
Felicity Monique McEntire, age 18
Darby Jean McEntire, age 14
Shannon Siobhan McEntire, age 11
Other Family Grandmothers - Anabeth ( Darby) Murphy, Genevieve (Tyler) McEntire
Grandfathers - Seth Alan Murphy, James Patrick McEntire

A large number of aunts and uncles


Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Place of Birth Lodi, California, Earth
Personal History Patrick James McEntire was born and raised on Earth. he grew up working hard on his family's ranch, large vineyard and, expansive orchard. He's one of 13 kids, including several sets of multiples. He participated in sports but found himself benched rather often for 'indiscreet behaviors". He attended Starfleet Academy on Earth, as well. Patrick was initially interested in science but was discovered to have a reasonably good aptitude for engineering as well. Following graduation, “Mac”, as he was more often referred to by then, was assigned to the U.S.S. Marshal, an Excelsior class vessel in the Beta quadrant. Following the destruction of the Marshal in battle, he was assigned to the USS Santa Ana. Following her destruction, he was posted to the USS Tempest, then to the USS Galahad.
Family History Mac's family has been a fixture in their community. They have, as a rule, remained in that community, generation after generation, supporting the families there with jobs, scholarships and other charitable works. They've raised their children to have deep seated faith in church, community, and their family. It's the family's practice to continue to grow their bounty, and then to set aside a piece of their land, with house and a part of the ranch, vineyard and orchard for each of their children, with those belonging to those who've passed being pass along to the next as well. Those who accept part of each, the land, the home, the ranch, vineyard and orchard, are making a commitment to build upon it, reinvesting in their churches, their communities and their families as their ancestors have done. At this point, Mac still hasn't accepted his, only because he's not ready to settle down, so he can't fulfill that promise yet.


Medical History Broken left wrist when he was five years old swinging off of the barn into the pond. Broken left leg when he was eleven years old playing sports. Broken right clavicle when he was sixteen playing sports. Three cracked ribs, a fractured left arm, dislocated jaw during the battle for the USS Santa Ana.