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A New Look

Posted on 09 Oct 2018 @ 7:21pm by Commander Vannon Dacour

Hi everyone!

The Galahad website has a new look. If you're not seeing anything different, that might be because your site skin options are set to Titan, which is the site skin we've been using so far.

To switch to the new skin, just follow these instructions:
- Go to Control Panel
- Under the "User" category in the side menu, go to "Site Options"
- On the "My Skins" tab, select Endeavour Blue from all three drop down lists (titled Main Site, Admin Site, and Wiki).
- Click update.
- Browse back to the main page to see the changes.

The new skin is named Endeavour Blue and uses various shades of light blue, black and charcoal, punctuated by gold and orange text highlights. It uses a crew console to identify your main character when you log in, and has a left-sided menu alignment.

If the skin is not to your liking, you can simply switch back to Titan by following the instructions above. There are also two other skins, Pulsar and LCARS, which you can try out should you so desire.

I hope you enjoy them!



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