Tau Lyrae

"May we never find space so vast,
planets so cold, heart and mind so empty
that we cannot fill them with love and warmth."

Our sim is set in 2408 and follows the adventures of the crew of the space station Visek Nor, located in the enigmatic Tau Lyrae system on the edge of the Betreka Nebula. In 2407, the Federation and the Klingon Empire signed an armistice following more than a decade of hostilities that began in 2394. Now returned to their de facto state of a cold war relationship, it remains to be seen whether peace can finally be achieved between the two galactic powers, or whether the cold war will once again burn hot.

Suffering from high war exhaustion, the Federation is focused on recuperating its losses from the war and acquiring allies wherever it may find them. While the Klingons lick their wounds and attempt to stave off an inevitable civil war, the Federation has taken advantage of the situation by supporting factions within the Empire that seek an end to the war.

Visek Nor, an old Nor-class Cardassian space station, is located in the Tau Lyrae, orbiting a mysterious moon where a Starfleet vessel once crashed in 2245. Tau Lyrae is located at a strategic juncture on the edge of the Betreke Nebula between the Cardassian Union and the Klingon Empire. The station, now administered by Starfleet, has become a support base for exploration vessels heading into the poorly surveyed nebula.

If Tau Lyrae itself is any indication of what lies within the rest of the nebula, untold mysteries and adventures await!

The sim is currently closed for recruitment.

This simulation is rated 16+ for Mature Audiences.
This simulation is a proud member of Bravo Fleet.Task Force 99
Task Force 99's Sim of the Month for
June 2018
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Latest Mission Posts

» Worth The Risk

Mission: Not Quite Private Lives
Posted on 19 May 2019 @ 5:12am by Doctor Sean Rogers & Major Gavin Chapman & Lieutenant Colonel Alete Strom & First Lieutenant Alexandra Jones & Abby

SUMMARY: Rogers, Alex and Abby visit with Major Chapman.


Fuzzy blue lights shimmered on the transporter pad as Lt. Jones, Dr. Rogers and his assistant Abby faded into existence. "There we are?' Rogers said as she stepped down from the platform. "Can you tell me where we can find…

» Still Togethor

Mission: Destiny Awaits
Posted on 18 May 2019 @ 5:53am by Lieutenant JG Dutch Mogun & Petty Officer 2nd Class Jenette Vasquez & Crewman Apprentice Brad & Flight Officer John Mitchell & Lieutenant Patrick McEntire & Zachary Garrity & Ensign Ignacio Melendez & Flight Officer Ricardo Sandoval

SUMMARY: Dutch briefs the away team prior to their mission on Visek Nor.


T-Minus 8 hours and 23 minutes. Lt. Mogun checked the timer on his watch one more time. The countdown was how long they had left before the USS Tyr would be reaching Visek Nor and he…

» Angel

Mission: Destiny Awaits
Posted on 16 May 2019 @ 7:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Steve Trevor & Captain Jonathan Hale & Ensign Joshua Garrity

SUMMARY: Trevor informs Hale about the sickbay incident and Josh makes new discovery's.


Once Trevor left sickbay he made his way straight to the bridge. Not only did he need to inform the Captain of how he had just essentially removed the CMO from his position, but he also…

» Surrender

Mission: Destiny Awaits
Posted on 16 May 2019 @ 5:58am by Sergeant Richard Cortez & Lieutenant Commander T'Leara Cortez & Second Lieutenant Jesus Fernandez

SUMMARY: Cortez stays with T'Leara as her condition worsens.


Fernandez swore a blue streak under his breath as he worked feverishly to contain the damage, barking orders to the other medical personnel.

"Fucking amateur assholes get in here and FUCK... " he hissed when she seemed to flinch. "Start…

» Seeking Counsel

Mission: Not Quite Private Lives
Posted on 15 May 2019 @ 11:59pm by Doctor Sean Rogers & First Lieutenant Alexandra Jones & Abby & Corporal Kaylee Wales

SUMMARY: Dr. Rogers and Abby visit with Lt. Jones and develop a strategy to help Reese.


Sean scratched his scruffy beard as he stepped quickly down the hallway. At his side was Abby and they were both heading towards Lt. Jone's office. If this plan was going to work,…